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What are Your Prices?

It's no secret that other companies can have an infinite amount of unknown and/or hidden charges/fees.

We at Plumbing Innovations believe in our customers understanding and being aware of what they are paying for.

The best way to have accurate pricing with us is by...


  • Requesting an estimate today!

  • Allowing our technician(s) to calculate everything that is necessary to complete the project at hand.

  • Understanding that at any time, it is possible for additional tools/people to become required after beginning a project as we only provide high quality work and results.

  • Checking your email(s), including your spam, for any and all virtual receipts.

  • Calling us for any and all questions/concerns in regards to any pricing that you would like to have explained.

We understand that not having a price list can be frustrating at times, however this is our best way to keep our customers informed on how our technicians are assisting every step of the way!


We accept it all!

Cash, Debit, Credit, Visa, AMex, Discover, Master, Check & Wire!

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